A little known fact is that many printer manufacturers sell their printers at a loss, knowing that they can more than make up for it by selling overpriced ink cartridges on the back end. As a consumer, this means that you could easily end up spending hundreds of dollars each year buying printer ink.

Our goal at Inkjetprinterdiscounts.com is to help you save you money whenever you buy ink cartridges. There are 3 primary ways you can do this:

  1. Order online
    In almost all cases, you'll find that online stores charge less for the same printer cartridges you buy at brick and mortar office stores. The reason for this is that online stores have lower overhead costs, and can afford to pass on some of the savings to consumers.

  2. Buy remanufactured cartridges or compatible cartridges
    OEM cartridges will invariably cost the most money. Therefore, we recommend selecting remanufactured cartridges or compatible cartridges. This alone can save you as much as 30%.

  3. Use online coupons
    You'll find plenty of up-to-date coupons on our site that will save you an additional 10 - 20% off your order. In some cases, you will need to copy a coupon code and paste it on the shopping cart page in order to claim your savings.

Buying ink is never going to be cheap, but by using the techniques above, you should be able to save a substantial amount of money on all future ink purchases.


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